Why Qatar German Polymer Company?

Why Qatar German Polymer Company?

No Cement or Reactive Aggregates:

With no cement or reactive aggregates in QGPC polymer concrete, the corrosion commonly found in wastewater collection structures isn’t a factor. The limitations that exist in manhole coatings and linings are eliminated by using a complete polymer concrete manhole. The issues of cracking, damage, ground water pressure, delamination, welding or lining containment are no longer a concern with QGPC.

Odor Control:

A common theme we hear back from our customers is a reduction in the odor when QGPC is installed. The “rotten egg smell” is downgraded. With polymer concrete having nothing that the bacteria in the sewer can feed on, we believe that there is little to no bacterial growth (putrefy) in these structures, thereby causing odor reduction, and making a lot of happy customers.

Corrosion Proof:

Polymer concrete products are corrosion proof to sewer gas and hot soil conditions. Every part of our mix: resin, sand, aggregate, and FRP are corrosion proof to H2S.  Should chipping or spalling occur, no problem! The corrosion proof properties remain intact as the material is non-porous and is consistent throughout the structure and will not corrode.

Installation Benefits:

Installation is similar to that of a traditional concrete storm drain manhole. QGPC polymer concrete products are designed for ease of installation.

Material Strength:

The material properties of QGPC polymer concrete manholes and structures adhere to the criteria specified in ASTM D-6783 (standard for polymer concrete pipe). Polymer concrete exceeds 16,000 PSI in compression and flexural breaks exceeding 2,000 PSI.  8 times stronger in flexural and 4 times stronger in compression than traditional concrete.

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