Polymer Concrete:

Polymer concrete consists of a mixture of mineral, quartzite fillers in the hardly porous grading curve range to DIN 1045 [DIN1045:1988] and reaction resin on the basis of unsaturated polyester resins with properties to DIN 16946 Part 2 Table 3 [DIN16946:1989].

The material properties are made up as follows:

  1. Compressive stress: 100 N/mm2 (and higher)
  2. Tensile bending stress: 13 N/mm2
  3. E- Modulus: 18.000 N/mm2
  4. Density: 23 kN/m3
  5. Long. compressive stress: 80 N/mm2 (and higher)
  6. Oscillation width: 6 N/mm2
  7. Wall roughness:

laboratory test:

Qatar German Pipe Company testing facilities, located inside the factory, are staffed with over 6 experienced Engineers, and Technicians working on product, machinery, and process design and improvements.

Over 500 tests are conducted annually addressing product long-term testing including Hydrostatic Design Basis (HDB), Ring Bending, Strain Corrosion, Creep, UEWS (ultimate Elastic Wall Stress), Survival Testing, and Abrasion and Impact resistance. These tests are executed using highly specialized automated in-house testing equipment with 24/7 data logging system to ensure accuracy in according with international standards including ISO, ASTM, BS, API and many others. Our long-term testing equipment has over 80 pressure points for simultaneous sample testing with a capability of up to 700 bars and 150°C.

In addition, QGPC collaborates on R&D projects in the Composites field with renowned Universities, Organizations, and Research Centers.

Product Applications:

Qatar German Pipe Company products are manufactured in accordance with the latest International Standards using the latest technology.  offers the most versatile range of Polymer Concrete pipe products in the market today with diameters ranging from 400 to 2000 mm and Polymer Concrete manholes with diameters ranging from 1200 to 2400 mm.

Our pipe systems can transport virtually any medium or chemical compound available in the market including water & waste water, acids, alkalis, and oxidants.

The product range is extensively tested thus guaranteeing long-term performance. In our state-of-the-art testing facilities, we continue to qualify and expand our product envelope to cover higher pressures, temperatures, and mediums.


Commitment to Excellence:

Qatar German Pipe Company is committed to quality and excellence. Therefore, our products are certified by independent international authorities and organizations as can be seen from the various international accreditations listed here.

International Standards: