Product Type: Polymer Concrete Soakaway Chamber Ring
Model Type: Non-Stepped
Internal Diameter: 1200 ~ 2400 mm

Approx External Diameter: 1320 ~2780 mm
Approx Wall Thickness: 60 ~ 120 mm
Chamber Depths Available: 500mm, 750mm & 1000mm
No. of Soakaway Holes: 8, 12, 16
Soakaway Hole Size: 75mm
Ring Certifications: BS EN 1917, BS 5911-3 & BS 5911-4, BSI Kitemarked

This 1200mm diameter precast Polymer Concrete soakaway ring is designed for use in surface water drainage systems to help deal with excess levels of storm water locally. Manufactured from strong, robust Polymer Concrete with tongue and groove joints for the quick and easy construction of a Polymer Concrete soakaway chamber that requires no additional concrete surround. 

Product Features at a Glance:

  • Strong and robust
  • Non-Stepped
  • 3 x 50mm diameter lifting eye holes
  • 16 x 75mm soakaway holes p/m depth
  • Tongue/groove joints for flexible jointing Polymer Concrete lamination
  • Doesn’t require additional concrete surround
  • Reduced construction time on site
  • Manufactured to BS EN 14636-2, D678305AR17 and BS EN 1916/7 standards
  • BSI Kitemarked

Customer Advice: It is important to ensure that the base of any soakaway chamber is constructed on a level gradient to avoid water collecting in low points which can lead to sediment forming blockages.

Polymer Concrete Soakaway Chambers, are a key component that provide a simple solution to help deal with high levels of storm water, that might otherwise cause flooding, by encouraging ground water recharge. This is the process by which water moves down from surface water to ground water. This in turn then helps to reduce the impact on existing storm water networks. 

The correct sizing of a Polymer Concrete soakaway chamber depends on numerous factors, from the size of the area to be drained, to the type of soil it will be installed in. For this reason, we would recommend that customers speak to a member of our technical team to ensure they get the right products for their project.

 Key Features of Polymer concrete Products:

  • Quality – Precast concrete drainage products are manufactured in accordance with the relevant BS EN 14636-2, D678305AR17 and BS EN 1916/7 where applicable.
  • Sustainability – Polymer Concrete pipeline systems are one of the most sustainable options available, they are manufactured from responsibly sourced materials
  • Proven Strength – They have a proven life of over 120 years, in normal groundwater conditions, are not weakened by fire or moisture and do not lose their shape. They are resistant to various chemical compound such as HCL, NaOH.
  • Installed Cost Savings – Precast polymer concrete soakaway are rigid structural elements that do not always require a full granular surround, saving time in bedding and compaction. Excavated material can be reused and imported granular material can be reduced to a minimum.
  • Durability – Due to the inherent strength and durability of the polymer concrete products, they are highly abrasion and corrosion resistant and don’t lose strength over time.
  • Design Flexibility – Precast Polymer Concrete drainage products can be used for a number of purposes, including sewerage and sustainable urban drainage systems (SuDS) applications such as stormwater attenuation and storage.
  • Water Tightness – Polymer concrete pipes, manholes and soakaway are designed to be watertight and are tested to pressure levels equivalent to a 5 metre head of water.