Polymer Concrete Jacking Pipe Systems:

Trenchless technologies and specially Jacking is becoming a cost-effective and environmental solution widely used where traffic disruption is not an option.

The success of a jacking project is highly dependent on the installation methodology but more importantly the selection of the pipe and jointing system used in order to ensure a high-quality installation.

Our Polymer Concrete Jacking Pipe Systems provides advantages given its light weight, corrosion and abrasion resistance in addition to enhanced hydraulic capacity.

In short, the polymer concrete pipes and compared to traditional pipe having high strength, corrosion resistance (pH = 1 to pH = 13 and the environment) can be applied, high surface finish and good anti-friction capacity. In middle east, polymer concrete pipes, buried pipe, mud tubes, pipe jacking, tunneling and ground engineering applications increasingly common.

Advantages of Polymer Concrete Jacking Pipe:

  • Polymer Concrete Jacking Pipe can be supplied with or without grouting ports.
  • Reduced jacking loads due to smooth external surface.
  • Adaptable to a variety of installation equipment.
  • Can be produced in a variety of lengths and diameters according to project requirements.
  • Designed to meet project specific project loads.


The main applications of Polymer Concrete Jacking Pipe are as follows:

  • Sanitary Sewage
  • Storm Water
  • Drains
  • Industrial Waste Lines
  • Pressure lines
  • Irrigation
  • Water Supply

Jointing systems:

Our jointing system utilizes a proprietary flexible joint with elastomeric sealing systems that can adapt to a variety of angular deviations and the stainless-steel joint system in accordance with international standards.

Product Specifications:

Polycrete pipe is manufactured to meet the requirements of ASTM D6783 Standard Specification for Polymer Concrete Pipe. This specification was developed using the German DIN Standard 54815-1,2 Pipes Made of Filled Polyester Resin Molding Materials, as a guide.

Like many of ASTM’s product standards, this specification for polymer concrete pipe adopted some of the performance requirements and test methods established for reinforced concrete sewer pipe (e.g., D-loads and three-edge bearing tests) as well as glass-reinforced plastic pipes (e.g., chemical resistance under load).

Pipe’s information table

Pipe ID(mm)Outer diameter(mm)Thickness(mm)Length(m)Weight(kg)

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