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•      We have a strict market orientation and offer innovative solutions for the challenges of sewage management earlier than others.

•      We continuously develop our products further to create a solid basis for the future.

•      We co-operate in a creative atmosphere to manage all tasks that may occur.
Chairman's Message !
How the idea involved?
The idea sprang up in our mind when we saw the product. The product is very special from many angles. It is eco friendly. The technology used in the manufacture of the product has a track record of 35 years during which it has proved its competence. No cement or water is used in its manufacture. Consequently, it saves Cement as well as water which is scarce in the region and large cost is needed for its extraction. On the other hand 90% the raw materials used in the manufacture of the product is local. The remaining 10% is produced in the GCC countries.

Abdullah Salem

Al Sulaiteen

Moreover, nobody has established such a project in Qatar before.
The product is eco friendly. No waste is left after its manufacture. No harmful chemicals are used. The great leap in the development in Qatar especially and in the GCC countries in general and the true directions of the State in supporting and expanding the base of small and medium scale industries are the factors that helped make up our mind to take the steps required to establish the project that can contribute to filling the need for the product by providing it locally rather than importing from foreign countries.

How the company was formed?
The company was established by virtue of Ministerial decree no. 2121 licensing industrial project issued by the Ministry of Industry and Energy and a Commercial license no. 37683. It is owned 95% by Qatari part and 5% by German part. After establishment QGPC the next step was to choose the company that has the technology. Meyer Rohr + Schacht (MRS) was chosen. MRS is the forerunner in manufacturing polymer concrete jacking pipes globally. An agreement was signed with MRS to use the technology and to supply the equipments and machinery required for the establishment of the factory. The project has acquired the support and financing of the Qatar Development Bank.

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