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•      We have a strict market orientation and offer innovative solutions for the challenges of sewage management earlier than others.

•      We continuously develop our products further to create a solid basis for the future.

•      We co-operate in a creative atmosphere to manage all tasks that may occur.
Career !
  • Production Engineer   (Job No. 1)
  • Tasks
    ·    Creating the static documents that are suitable for testing and approval for products that are mainly installed underground in water and sewage systems in line with the applicable dimensioning guidelines. This is
    supported by suitable software, e. g. for pipes installed in open-cut or trenchless processes, for segments for buildings, or relining pipes for sewers or manholes, for any type of shaft buildings and other special components. 
    ·    Developing detail solutions for all matters regarding the application of the above products; 
    ·    Drafting technical product specifications and drafting the basics for creating quality guidelines, approvals,

    standards, etc., for the above products; 
    ·    Creating technical aids and recommendations for supporting the qualified installation of the above products; 
    ·    Comprehensive technical support and consulting regarding the above products, internally as well as externally. 

    Requirements profile 

    ·    Degree in civil engineering, preferably with a focus on underground/infrastructure building; 
    ·    5 years Experience in calculation and dimensioning building components, e. g. in concrete building; 
    ·    Skilled user of CAD, MS-Office and FEM software programs; 
    ·    Good command of the English language. 

  • Quality Controller  (Job No. 2)

  • For pipe and manhole systems made with reactive resin as a binder. The field of work includes in-house production monitoring, research and development. 

    ·    Monitoring the input materials / raw materials.
    ·    Monitoring the technical facilities.
    ·    Monitoring the material properties of the polymer concrete products.
    ·    Monitoring the product properties with regard to function.

    ·    Security in handling unsaturated polyester resins and additives such as accelerators and hardeners.
    Requirements profile:

    ·    Construction materials tester or a Civil Engineer.
    ·    5 Years Experience in working with reactive resins.
    ·    Sense of responsibility.
    ·    Auto-CAD & Good PC skills.

  • Production Supervisors  (Job No. 3)

  • Tasks:
    ·    Execution of the production planning acc. to the requirements regarding delivery schedule, security, quality and costs.
    ·    Control of production quality.
    ·    Control of productivity.
    ·    Responsibility for production staff.
    ·    Identify defective machinery, analyze, initiate repair.
    ·    Promote a positive staff attitude towards safety in handling hazardous  Materials.
    ·    Ensure the optimum utilization of staff.
    ·    Attention to order, cleanliness and safety in the factory.
    ·    Preparedness to do shift work


    Requirements profile: 

    ·    Degree in Civil/Mechanical Engineering preferably with a focus on underground/ infrastructure building; 
    ·    Minimum 3 years experience for equivalent position; 
    ·    Sense of responsibility; 
    ·    Knowledge in working with reactive resins would be desirable; 
    ·    Leadership style focusing on goals and results; 
    ·    Good PC skills; 
    ·    Coordinator and Organizer; 
    ·    Cost-awareness and cost-efficiency; 
    ·    Ability to resolve problems; 
    ·    Stress resistance.

  • Machine and plant operators / production Workers (Job No. 4)

  • Tasks: 
    ·    Operating machines and plants.
    ·    General production activities.
    ·    Preparedness to do shift work.
    ·    Work with reactive resins.

    Requirements profile:

    ·    Diploma in Civil / Mechanical Engineering.
    ·    Machine and plant operator / production working experience.
    ·    3 years experience in above.

  • Mechanical Fitter  (Job No. 5)

  • Tasks: 
    ·    Service, maintenance and repair of the company's machines and plants; 
    ·    Replacing defective parts, sometimes by self-made spare parts; 
    ·    Inspection work; 
    ·    General production activities;

    Requirements profile: 

    • Qualification as Diploma in Mechanical Engineering, fitter or electromechanical technician; 
    • Knowledge in pneumatics and hydraulics are desirable; 
    • Preparedness to do shift work;
    • Forklift truck driver's lice
    • 3 years experience.

    Note:  one candidate to apply for one job only.  Please specify the Job number applying for.  Selected candidates must undergo career training.

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